Solace Secure’s Desktop Functionality

Key functionality of Solace Secure

The Solace Secure platform is regularly updated and advanced with a range of distinct and innovative features always putting us a step ahead and ensuring you are getting the most out of your travel risk management provider. We are delighted to have worked with clients to develop appropriate solutions within Solace Secure that fulfil any additional requirements that they may have.

Risk Focused Functions

Risk Focused Functions

  • Global risk rating overlay.
  • Colour-coded severity levels for countries and intelligence alerts.
  • Click on alerts to view more detail, including Solace advice.
  • Global intelligence heatmap.
  • Two-factor authentication for added security and peace of mind.
  • Compatible with all major web browsers.
Intelligence That Makes a Difference

Intelligence That Makes a Difference

  • Easy access to reports containing country-specific information, including emergency contact details, key facts, security summaries, important travel advice and latest alerts.
  • Frequent, detailed travel advisories containing important information to keep you safe, as well as weekly key event summaries. Take a look at some of our travel advisories here.
  • Configure automated pre-travel country reports for your travellers and receive notifications for your chosen countries, intelligence alerts and severity levels.
Alerts That Aid Business Continuity & Duty of Care

Alerts That Aid Business Continuity & Duty of Care

  • Receive notifications of new intelligence alerts within your chosen radius.
  • Traveller safety is addressed and accounted for with real-time alerts allowing managers to fully understand which personnel or offices could be affected by nearby alerts.
  • As with the response procedures for an alert being placed within close proximity to a traveller, in the event this is plotted near an office location, a notification/message can automatically be sent to those set up against each facility to receive alerts within a set radius if each facility.
  • In the event there is a major incident during business closing hours it is a great way to get an early warning there could be disruptions to BCP or normal running of the business whilst the incident is resolved.
Relaying Locations has Never Been Easier

Relaying Locations has Never Been Easier

Solace is now compatible with what3words, a simple way to talk about your current location.

  • what3words has given each 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address, meaning you can refer to any precise location with just three words, no co-ordinates necessary.
  • Although our travel tracking app, Solace Secure, allows you to pinpoint your current location, at Solace Global Risk we are able to simplify the emergency response process by sharing your what3words with local emergency services who can easily identify your exact location.
  • Whilst we can still provide your co-ordinates, many in country providers are now working to use what3words to improve accuracy and speed in responding to your requests.
  • The what3words address in the SOS example provided is ‘///’.
Itineraries Made Simple

Itineraries Made Simple

  • Our simple process of receiving travel data means we can work to support all booking systems and have previously created solutions for clients who do not use a booking system– not restricted to GDS.
  • When booked outside of a TMC or when booking spontaneously, use our intuitive and simple manual itinerary function.
  • Managers have the ability to manipulate data by adding, editing or removing itineraries from the system manually, Travellers can add or remove their own itineraries, should they wish to.
Manage Travellers from Anywhere in The World

Manage Travellers from Anywhere in The World

  • View personnel check-ins quickly and simply.
  • Advanced, intuitive search tools enable you to easily locate and contact your travellers.
  • Understand how many travellers you have in different locations.
  • Easy to use dashboard that allows you to view alerts affecting your travellers.
  • Obtain additional resources through Solace should you require them in an emergency.
  • Access Solace Country Reports to learn more about the country you or your personnel are travelling to. These reports detail emergency numbers, risk ratings, expert advice and other useful information required for successfully navigating around specific countries.
  • Analytic tools allow administrators to access vital data on destinations travelled which can highlight key trends for organisations. This information can be downloaded and used for internal reporting purposes.
Convenient App

Convenient App

  • Track all personnel, travellers, expats, locals and consultants via supported tracking devices and deep integration with our iOS and Android mobile apps featuring Check-in, SOS, call response and live tracking functionality.
  • Our app mimics the desktop version of Solace Secure so that managers and travellers are able to quickly access or request assistance whilst on the go.
  • Users are able to download Solace Secure on the Apple Watch.
  • View more details about our app functionality here.

Solace can provide additional services, both in-country and from our response centre, to assist with the safe movement or return of travellers who have been affected by, or are near to an incident.

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