With over 10 years’ experience, Solace have been conducting deployed vulnerability assessment of offices, homes, assets, energy farms, sports venues and potential development sites globally. These reports identify and assess the potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks the location is exposed to and their impact on its primary services and operations. The assessment also establishes the context and rationale for mitigation measures to be implemented in the location to protect lives and reduce damage or theft at the location based on potential threats.

These mitigation measures will look at enhancements to the technical security in a home or office in order to limit the number of personnel required to provide security and provide a visual deterrent proportionate to the threat level in the area and to that location.

Property Vulnerability Assessments
Property Vulnerability Assessments

Solace Assessments’ Explained

Following situation identification, Solace will provide consultation on how to treat the risk exposures by assessing, analysing and evaluating the security risk.

Review. Review the situation and identify any change requirements to the existing designed solution. Understand the operational stakeholder network and its dynamics. Analyse, define and articulate the requirement, scope, key milestones and deliverables.

Develop Context. Identify known critical risk exposures and develop a risk assessment to maximise effectiveness against the known risk profile, established or new security process. Develop knowledge areas to expose and extract vulnerabilities.

Implement Risk Assessment. Design and adapt assessment criterion defined through the contextual review to effectuate the assessments outputs and to maximise the effectiveness of the task. Research; investigate; measure; and identify any other potential risk exposures and security measures that may affect the security design.

Analyse and Evaluate. Risk analysis: assess assets; assess security components; assess vulnerabilities; assess safeguards; assess risk exposures; define risk profile. Evaluate security system effectiveness and validate the potential courses of action to improve effectiveness.

Report. Produce Report and submit to client. Present the options and recommendations to the client in order to inform the decision on the selected course(s) of action. Issue decision and decision support information for comment and agreement.

Continue. As may be required by the client; continue consultation to establish the improvement options and deliver the selected courses of action in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders.

Property Vulnerability Assessments
Property Vulnerability Assessments

Luxury Property Review

High Net Worths are at risk to both opportunist and, organised crime along with invasion of privacy which is heightened for luxury properties. Their vacancy can be determined through pattern of life activity, staff members movements and social presence. Following a recent increase in targeted high net worth properties for burglary and the intensification of cybercrime targeting the wealthy, these reviews are invaluable to help  better secure a home and make it an unattractive target to a criminal. Our reports will always be conscious of a family’s privacy and requirements and will highlight improvements that will aim to not intrude on the family or impede their use of the property.  Any enhancements will also have to be aesthetically appropriate.

Crime against HNW individual is now becoming more organised meaning groups have been able to commit serious crimes resulting in several high-profile incidents in which HNW individuals have been the victims of assault or burglary. There are several instances in which criminals have used violence to achieve their aims which makes for a traumatic time in terms of threats to personal safety and the loss of valuable items.

The recent rise and success of Chilean crime tourists in the UK underscores the seriousness of the issue and the need for an ever-evolving security environment. As crime is now more organised than ever before and so much so, that criminals and criminal gangs are actively targeting High Net Worth families, now more than ever a holistic approach to security should be considered. It is becoming almost a specialisation for criminal gangs, and one of the reasons that they choose to specialise in this area is because they can get so much information on many potential targets from widely available open source areas on the internet, which makes it much easier for them to operate and with far great chances of success.

Solace property assessments can determine vulnerabilities within the current physical and technical security functions of the property, including online vulnerabilities as well as looking at the overall security strategy of the family and its staff. These reviews can provide solutions that can significantly reduce the risks faced to those with desirable properties.

Property Vulnerability Assessments
Property Vulnerability Assessments

Corporate Location Assessments

Corporate offices, sport stadiums and potential project sites can have their own inherent risks. Is the company or what they plan to do contentious? Is there an elevated risk of terrorism due to large gatherings such as the recent targeting of sports areas? Are the offices regularly subject to break-ins and theft?

In order to identify and effectively measure each premises risk exposures, we follow an effects based approach to determine vulnerability and likelihood, firstly through a desktop assessment to establish the risk context of the area and then by a deployed expert to test the overall security system effectiveness to mitigate against a security related event. The outcome of this approach will be a critical assessment of the security vulnerabilities and the control measures needed to deter, detect, delay and deny a criminal or terrorist and the means to help respond and recover should such an incident take place. To learn more about Corporate Risk Assessments see our Consulting Page.

Property Vulnerability Assessments
Property Vulnerability Assessments

Solace Global Case Studies

Property Vulnerability Assessments

Office and Security Risk Assessments in West Africa

Solace Global was tasked to conduct a full security audit of its clients intended new office location that it was planning to establish within a developing country in West Africa. As part of this survey Solace Global would need to not only undertake a full audit of the physical office and compound space, but also the policies and procedures that were being built to facilitate the move into this country. Solace Global is experienced in operating in complex environments and particularly high risk developing countries. Through its vetted local and international consultants, it was able to conduct the on the ground surveys liaising with the clients in country staff. Concurrently the Solace Global staff were able work with the clients to understand their aims and then build suitable policies and process to enable them to enter and operate within that country safely, knowing that their duty of care obligations were being met. Solace Global is an experienced risk management provider who can enable it clients to move into emerging markets ensuring that this is done safely and compliantly.

Property Vulnerability Assessments

Property Vulnerability Assessments for Family Holiday Homes in Vienna

Solace Global were tasked by a High Net Worth family to conduct a security review of their holiday homes in Europe following a spate of burglaries targeting HNW properties in the area. The survey identified significant weaknesses and Solace Global was tasked to project manage the implementation of the  security upgrade. Solace Global Risk deployed its own security consultants to conduct a comprehensive review of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the properties. Solace then identified the most practical, cost effective plan to upgrade the security always consulting the family for approval with regards to aesthetics and functionality. Solace also developed strategies and plans for emergency notifications and responding to incidents. Solace planned and oversaw the installation from procurement to final commissioning, testing and sign off.

For more case studies please view this page.

Property Vulnerability Assessments

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