Cruise liner security

Solace Global provide ongoing and live 24/7 services to mitigate against the global risks our cruise clients face. Some of the cruise liner security services we provide include:

  • Location risk assessments to establish the threat level of a destination and advise on risk mitigation measures.
  • Continued route reporting: mapping your route and monitoring vicinity incidents and risks. As an ongoing service, the results will support future cruise schedules.
  • Vessel tracking and onboard security to protect against piracy in high risk areas in the Indian Ocean.
  • Our specialist security teams are fully trained landing craft operators, so can hold dual positions while on board vessels. Qualified to drive the Zodiac RIBs as well as providing insightful lectures and table hosting during guest events and dinners.
  • Extreme environment advisory and protective services for Arctic expeditions, ensuring the safety of passengers whilst adhering to the local government and AECO regulations. These services require specialist personnel with expertise in the field of Arctic operations and serve to keep passengers safe and not disturb local wildlife.

We also respond to any cruise liner security incidents our clients may face, for example civil unrest, terrorist attack, natural disaster:

Following the 2015 Nepal earthquake we were required to locate our client’s personnel and dependants and to provide on the ground assessment and assistance. Deploying our own UK specialist staff to Nepal, the on-the-ground team were monitored 24/7 by the UK response team and were using travel tracking technology and were receiving real-time alerts regarding any vicinity risks. We successfully located and assisted all client personnel and dependants (over a distance of 1000 km). The team provided immediate assistance; administering first aid, building shelters, offering medical relief and distributing food, water and financial aid. Valuable communications were also established with family members’ on-board ship.

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