Solace Global offers the next generation of Residential Security Teams and Close Protection services, with a genuine 24/7/365 response centre supporting our teams along with real time alerts, mobile tracking and intelligence technology. Our in-house analysts provide proactive pre-travel reviews and plans for safe and successful trips. Add to that a global partner network to support or uplift security during travel around the world, with our 24/7 response team monitoring global situations happening near to your personnel. What Solace offer is more than just the manpower, we are the one stop shop to help you build and maintain a security solution that keeps your family safe and your assets secured.

Solace provide our private client families with close protection teams, residential security teams and support for overseas travel. We can build security plans from the ground up, conducting property and personnel vulnerability assessments, help with the technical installation of security measures, then test the set up and make recommendations to help further enhance the security of the family. Providing consultancy to build safe rooms, teams for bug sweeps, reviews of current security plans highlighting any gaps and identifying threats to the family via deep and dark web searches.

Family & Executive Protection

One stop shop to help you build and maintain a security solution that keeps your family safe and your assets secured

With many years of supporting our private client families and individuals we understand the need to tailor our services to the individuals and operate discreetly and to the very highest professional standards. Solace’s Private Client Threat Assessment solutions identify, assess and prioritise the likelihood and impact of risk upon families, while designing scalable security solutions to support complex infrastructure programmes; where security architecture, design and emergency response plans are key attributes.

Solace Global aim to operate as an extension of our client’s staff with the proven delivery of our comprehensive security services; from Intelligence lead advice, TSCM (Technical surveillance counter measures) sweeps, high end executive protection, residential security teams, embedded consultancy through to personnel or asset tracking.

Our highly professional operatives blend seamlessly into the environment and profile of our clients. Solace Global ensure highly professional, premium security services, tailored to our client’s unique requirements, wherever they may be in the world. Solace Global provide individuals and families with discreet security solutions.

How Solace Can Help

24/7 Support: All our clients are supported by our state of the art 24/7 global operations centre, based in the UK. Home to our risk management team including 24/7 access to crisis response coordinators, intelligence analysts, response and operation managers and optional K&R Response services too. You will have your own account manager who will deliver a monthly report and conduct quarterly account reviews as a minimum.

Global Footprint: Solace boast a worldwide network of in-country specialists and subject matter experts, all vetted and approved to help upscale security requirements with local knowledge and contacts during travel.

Intelligence: From Security Situational Updates to Social, Network Analysis, Solace Global intelligence services provide, bespoke global reporting and consultancy. Get pre-travel reports to support safer travel and identify security requirements, run deep and dark web searches to identify threats.

Personnel: We offer a high calibre of experienced and trusted personnel paid commensurate to their skills to build long term stability. All our close protection officers have been selected because of their skills and relevant experience and come from a wide variety of backgrounds particularly within the UK Special Forces, the police services, discreet government agencies, and the wider military. They are fully licensed and vetted with a vast array of skill sets and experience that can be matched and tailored to meet the exact requirements of our clients. We can be hands on or low profile and we can provide females, as well as male CPOs. You can request specific skill sets such as medics, coxswains, experience working with children, language and cultural experience and more.

Recommended: A reputable, well established and well-known company. Approved provider for Royalty, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals, NGO’s, Multinational Companies, Oil & Gas Majors, Charities, Academic Institutions and Media Organisations. Excellent track record and numerous case studies of how we have supported our clients over the years

Qualified: ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 accredited for a consistent, quality, compliant and HSE focused service, Cyber essentials and Cyber Essential Plus certified to protect your data. 10 years in providing security services and more than 1.5 million-man hours on protection tasks in one year alone.

Innovative: Our proprietary advanced technology supports our operations, from visibility of all the security personnel on site to the option of all family members having access to our app for visibility of their team and to reach out for help. Furthermore our risk management tool can monitor assets such as property, yachts, jets and vehicles and we can alert you of any incidents posted nearby. Our 24/7 alerts and monitoring help our team keep abreast of any major incidents near to one of your locations or principles. An optional press of the tracking or SOS button on the app can help our team see where all family members are and allow any member to press the SOS if they are in need of assistance.

One-Stop-Shop: We can support all your security needs in both the UK and around the globe as part of a manged security plan. Our range or services delivered in house and via our vetted partners means no matter the security requirement you will be well placed with Solace to find the right solutions.

Variety of Services: Solace can offer a range of solutions such as;

  • Close Protection
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Security Trained Drivers
  • Unique Tracking Technology for Personnel and Assets
  • Bug Sweeps/TSCM
  • 24/7 Assistance Centre
  • Property Vulnerability Assessments
  • Pre-Travel Security Planning
  • Location Reconnaissance
  • Low Profile or Overt Teams
  • Counter Surveillance Teams
  • Deep and Dark Web Reviews
  • Social Media Vulnerability Assessment
  • VIP Meet & Greet and Secure Movement around the world
  • Safe Room Design
  • Security Strategy Production
  • Protective surveillance teams
  • Logistical support

Why Do Families or Individuals Need Solace?

Prime Targets for Criminals

Prime Targets for Criminals

Crime has been a part of life for a long time now, and it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. If you are a wealthy family or individual there is an inherent elevated risk towards you. The severity of that risk does vary depending on factors such as profile, reputation, geographical location, and of course level of wealth, to name a few. Awareness and acceptance of these risks is a great first step to improving security.

Crime against high profile and/or wealthy individuals is now becoming more organised, meaning groups have been able to commit serious crime resulting in several high-profile incidents in which affluent individuals have been the victims of assault or burglary. There are several instances in which criminals have used violence to achieve their aims which makes for a traumatic time in terms of threats to personal safety and the loss of valuable items. The recent rise and success of Chilean crime tourists in the UK underscores the seriousness of the issue and the need for an ever-evolving security environment.

The Internet is Highlighting Key Features to Exploit

The Internet is Highlighting Key Features to Exploit

The increasing use of social media can be perceived as a type of advertising, again highlighting key features that criminals can exploit. The media and press are obsessed with wealth and the lives of the rich and famous. There are numerous publications daily describing the lives, wealth and property of the wealthiest people in society. The rise of the internet and social media has only exacerbated the situation.

Social media profiles and the active reporting of the press can be very much a shop window for criminals wishing to target high profile and/or wealthy families. There is so much information available on the internet it is very hard for anyone to be anonymous online, but especially so for those whose wealth brings them extra, often unwanted attention. There have been many recent high-profile cases of well-known individuals having their properties being targeted.

The advanced technological threats posed by criminal or hostile elements mean that high-tech security systems have been bypassed to gain access to property and there is also a sophisticated cyber threat to affluent individuals themselves and to that of their business interests.

Discreet Proactive Solutions That Do Not Interfere

Discreet Proactive Solutions That Do Not Interfere

Understandably, high profile and/or wealthy families do very often feel no different to anyone else and ‘just want to be a normal family’. In fact, many of our private client families or individuals will insist that there is no additional risk to them as they are just like everyone else. The most important thing in all of this, is that the family office and the family themselves, do need to understand the risks involved and accept them.

There is a preconceived negative idea of what security will look like and that it will impinge on their lives, but it does not have to be like that, and it should not be like that. There are many ways to approach security for a private client family but the first step must be to understand and acknowledge the risks.

So, when considering a security plan for our private clients it is crucial that a slightly different approach is taken to that of the corporate world, but the underlying principles do remain the same. To mitigate against a risk, firstly you must understand what are the critical personnel/assets and crucially what are the threats towards them. When you know these facts and you understand the risks, you can tailor a bespoke solution that fits the family.

People Associated With You Have a Certain Amount of Risk

People Associated With You Have a Certain Amount of Risk

Those with access can be targeted for that access and so very often people around the family circle become the weakest link in the security setup. The many recent high-profile thefts and attacks against wealthy families and individuals has highlighted this genuine problem but how many more families have not reported crimes or how many more wish not to be in the media spotlight?

In several high-profile cases where gangs have been caught, they have admitted to using surveillance teams to identify patterns of life or routines as well as any strengths and weaknesses in security. They said that they needed to understand the available opportunities and threats to them so that they can formulate a plan which has the greatest chance of success without compromise. If this means targeting those close to the principals, be that children, friends or even household staff, then that is what they will do.

The threat to high profile and/or wealthy individuals is real as it is to those around them, and will not go away anytime soon, but it can be risk assessed and mitigated against with sensible well thought out security plans which if done correctly will enhance, not intrude upon the overall smooth running of the family’s lives.

Maintaining a Normal Life is Paramount

Maintaining a Normal Life is Paramount

Being able to have a normal life is paramount, especially when it comes to children of our private client families. Parents want their children to have a normal upbringing and so they should, but the family do also need to be aware of any risks to them especially when travelling. Having a means to track them via our platform Solace Secure or a very discreet close protection team travelling with them can give great piece of mind to the family principals.

Technology can also allow a close protection team to ‘standoff’ further in a more protective surveillance capacity giving the principals more ‘freedom’, but with the peace of mind that the team is nearby and ready to react.

By understanding the family setup, its profile, its assets, its pattern of life and its known or perceived threats we can understand the overall risks and prioritise them. Mitigating these risks is where the security professionals can again bring their industry knowledge and experience to bare to help the family office. All families are different and what works for and suits one family, may not work for another. Whatever mitigation measures are suggested they need to ‘fit’ the family, which is something Solace considers in detail when proposing specific services to families and individuals.

Family & Executive Protection

Solace Global Case Studies

Solace continue to provide services to a number of private clients of this nature and we would like to share a few of our success stories with you.

Response Services & Enhanced Monitoring, Multiple Destinations

Response Services & Enhanced Monitoring, Multiple Destinations

Solace Global was tasked by the family office security team of an Ultra High Net Worth Family. The family including young children were planning a round the world holiday visiting multiple destinations across all time zones. Solace Global was tasked to provide the family with the Solace Secure travel tracking application so that they could be monitored daily by our 24/7 response team. The application would give them the ability to check in daily with us informing us of their location and would also allow us to respond in the event of them activating the SOS .

Protocols were established with the family office security team of what to do in the event of a missed check in and in emergency situations. The family office were also provided with the Solace Secure platform enabling them to see where the family were but also knowing that the Solace Global operations centre would be monitoring 24/7 alleviating this responsibility from them.  The Solace Global intelligence team actively monitored the location of the family  and were always looking ahead at the next destination on the itinerary for any pertinent activity that may affect their holiday.

Intelligence & Investigation in Response to Personalised Threats, London

Intelligence & Investigation in Response to Personalised Threats, London

Solace Global was contacted by an executive protection team for a private client concerned over specific protest group threats to a main London residence. At client request, Solace Global intelligence provided short duration consultancy services aimed at identifying threats to the individual and critically ways of mitigating the identified threats through appropriate intelligence monitoring.

A bespoke client risk assessment was produced identifying threat groupings of relevance to the client in question and also identifying publicly available information that may have posed risk. Solace Global intelligence identified appropriate sources of information and methods of dissemination to allow the executive protection team to stay one step ahead of any threats. This pre-emptively minimised client exposure.

Residential Security Review for Family Holiday Homes in Vienna

Residential Security Review for Family Holiday Homes in Vienna

Solace Global were tasked by a family to conduct a security review of their holiday homes in Europe. The survey identified significant weaknesses and Solace Global was tasked to project manage the implementation of the  security upgrade. Solace Global Risk deployed its own security consultants to conduct a comprehensive review of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the properties.

Solace then identified the most practical, cost effective plan to upgrade the security always consulting the family for approval with regards to aesthetics and functionality. Solace also developed strategies and plans for emergency notifications and responding to incidents. Solace planned and oversaw the installation from start to final commissioning, testing and sign off.

Solace are able to provide a range of comprehensive services that will mitigate the risks posed to individuals and families with heightened publicity and/or wealth.

If you would like to know more about the services Solace can provide, please fill out the contact form below, we will be in touch with you shortly. Please note, if you require immediate assistance please call +44 (0) 1202 795 801.

By ticking this box you consent to receive Solace Global intelligence subscription, this will include free intelligence analysis, reports and other marketing material about our services. We may contact you occasionally about our services. We may use your data for other marketing purposes, for full information please see privacy policy

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