We assist charities who operate both overseas and domestically. With humanitarian aid typically centred in developing countries or areas in crisis, these often complex environments require proven and diverse expertise to ensure on-the-ground charity personnel are kept safe.

Recommended charity risk management services include; pre-travel training and planning, travel tracking and intelligence, in-country support and crisis management response plans and capability. See recent operations for actual examples of our on-the-ground emergency response to natural disasters, civil unrest and political instability and terror attacks.

Example operation Charity executive visit to DR of Congo

Solace are committed to setting the highest standards of compliance, regulation and local social responsibility.

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Aerospace & Defence

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Expert services anywhere in the world, from the training of international emergency services to the setting up of operational centres.


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Trusted and comprehensive security, crisis management, and response services to suit all businesses, from global corporations to small enterprise.

Charities & NGOs

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Committed to setting the highest standards of compliance, regulation and local social responsibility.

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Approved security provider for global corporate organisations, associated VIPs and family members, royalty, family offices and individuals of high net worth.


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Providing risk management and security services to some of the UK’s largest insurance companies.

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Providing an extensive range of specialist security services to our maritime clients.

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Training, protection and response for media professionals visiting remote, challenging & high risk environments.

Oil & Gas Risk Management

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Enabling the exploration, development and sustainment of operations in frontier regions of the world.


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Helping universities, colleges and schools address the risks associated with global secondments and trips, avoid dangers and assisting them in an emergency.