Duty of Care – Travel Policy Checklist

8 Feb 2021

Have you reviewed your Travel Policies for 2021? We’ve created a simple checklist encompassing the fundamentals of a successful policy to ensure your duty of care is adhered to, employees are fully prepared before travel and faced with less risk while conducting business.

Duty of Care Travel Policy Checklist

As a follow on from our Duty of Care for Business Travel: Is your policy robust enough for 2021? Guide, Solace have put together a duty of care Travel Policy Checklist that covers everything that should be within any duty of care travel policy as a minimum, to ensure travellers have the tools and support they need to confidently conduct business globally.

In this checklist we underpin key considerations for your travel policy, topical points include;

  • Prepare: The fundamentals of agile risk mitigation measures
  • Prevent: How to reduce the likelihood of risk and prepare your team for a crisis
  • Respond: Key steps to follow during and after a crisis
  • Recover and Learn: How to utilise past experiences to improve your future risk strategy


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This checklist is a starting point to help build a travel policy that keeps staff and employers safe. Solace can support clients in the development or review of their travel policies and crisis management plans. Solace Global can assist with any queries you may have, to contact Solace please click here.