COVID-19 Intelligence Reports

COVID-19 Intelligence Reports

REPORT • May 2020

Whilst COVID-19 remains an ongoing and ever-changing situation worldwide, we are looking ahead and preparing for the next steps in our intelligence advisory. This report outlines the latest facts and statistics, along with a Coronavirus world risk map. Our report has everything that you need to assist with your travel risk management strategy. Be the first to know about our future intelligence: Sign up to our free intelligence mailing list below to receive the latest updates.

Executive Summary

The pandemic has caused global disruption and chaos in 2020 and while hope is on the horizon, the situation still continues to change on a daily basis. Our in-house intelligence analysts are working around the clock to collate the latest updates to bring clarity to your business decisions and help you mitigate the risk of COVID-19.

We are now looking ahead and preparing for the next steps of these intelligence advisories and how best they can benefit your business. We have taken the decision to now condense our COVID-19 advisories to fortnightly, but will still retain the level of depth for information you have come to know. 

Our COVID-19 Outbreak Updates are a concise guide to the global situation with latest statistics and a Coronavirus world risk map, our report offers complete guidance. This forms part of our Free Intelligence Mailing List, where you will receive regular intelligence advisories and reports.

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Custom Advisories

With years of experience understanding our clients climate, we understand that one size does not fit all, and the same applies to reports and advisories. If you require a custom or specific report related to your company, location, current situation or something else, our in-house analysts can help organisations of any size.

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