Solace Global Risk is recruiting an Intelligence Analyst to join their HQ in Poole, Dorset.

Purpose of job:

The Intelligence Analyst is responsible for the provision of professional and effective analysis, advice and guidance to clients, employees, contractors & Directors on all matters relating to global risk and intelligence collection/analysis.

Accountabilities and responsibilities:

  • The role holder works with other analysts to oversee all alerting and analytical reports produced by all Solace Global staff.
  • Assist the Senior Intelligence Analyst (SIA) to oversee the country report production and event alerting by the Response Managers and as required focus their attention in the right geographical
  • Provide training and feedback to Response Managers from an intelligence perspective where required
  • Assist the SIA to ensure the company has the right intelligence feeds to collect the appropriate level of information.
  • Ensure the company has the right intelligence analysis software to ensure the collected data is processed appropriately.
  • Write bespoke intelligence reports as per client requirements including but not limited to pre-travel advisories, desktop risk assessments, due diligence and on-line investigations.
  • From the intelligence perspective assist the Software Developers and Customer Success Manager with enhancements to our proprietary risk management platform, Solace Secure.
  • From the intelligence perspective assist with client presenations.
  • Coordinate with marketing and business development to ensure that our intelligence products and the Solace brand is promoted to support business growth.
  • Provide marketing with bespoke reports to assist in the digital marketing of Solace.
  • Develop and evolve Intelligence products and processes to better address market
  • Produce Maritime reports in support of our maritime division, SGM, where required.
  • Support Risk and Maritime Operations when required.
  • Maintain awareness of global events to support more detailed travel advisories and intelligence products.
  • Set up of monitoring systems to trigger notifications to SGR of relevant attacks and incidents globally and more bespoke during monitoring periods in support of high risk travellers/client locations that are paying for dedicated monitoring services.
  • Present intelligence services to clients when required.

Required competencies:

  • Managing a Quality Service
  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Leading & Communicating
  • Delivering at pace
  • Analytical Skills
  • Adaptability

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Essential: A minimum of 3 years’ experience as an intelligence analyst
  • Essential: Educated to degree level
  • Essential: Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Essential: Ability to coordinate and prioritise tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Essential: A proactive person with the ability to perform under pressure
  • Essential: Excellent administration skills with a keen eye for detail
  • Essential: Excellent computer literacy, experience with MS Office applications
  • Essential: Interest in and good knowledge of current affairs
  • Essential: Ability to work autonomously
  • Essential: Knowledge of global politics and culture
  • Essential: Risk Management experience/knowledge
  • Desirable: Experience of responding to critical incidents
  • Desirable: Second language
  • Desirable: Industry specific qualifications
  • Desirable: Military or Defence Intelligence analysis experience

Desirable skills/qualifications:

  • Experience in an intelligence role, with evidence of delivering intelligence analysis.
  • An understanding of Land Operations within a commercial security enviornment.
  • An understanding of Maritime Operations within a commercial security environment.
  • A proven proactive solution finder who is not put off by unexpected obstacles.
  • Second Language.

Key Relationships:

  • Internal: MD Risk, Operations Director Risk, Senior Intelligence Analyst, Operations Managers, Response Managers, Customer Success Manager and Business Development.
  • External: Clients and intelligence sources.

Other important features or requirements of the job:

  • Prepared for domestic and international travel and working outside of office hours as projects or operational requirements dictate.
  • Working hours Mon – Fri 0900-1700 However, Solace Global Risk provides 24/7 operational support to clients and there may be occasions where Intelligence Analysts are required to support taskings outside of regular office hours.

To Apply:

  • CV and covering letter to be sent to
  • Cut-off date for applications – Friday 28th October.
  • Successful applicants will proceed through telephone interview, in-person interview, and written assessment prior to hiring decision.

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